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Join our intensive Swedish language course

Kickstart your studies with an intensive summer course

During a long and lazy summer, it is easy to slip into old habits - like switching back to speaking English all of the time. With a little help from our Kickstart courses, you will get back into your "Swedish Mode" in no time at all.  


Language skills are meant to be used. At SweTeach we only offer interactive course concepts. Our students always have a say about course content and structure to ensure that we teach only what the students want to learn.  

SweTeach is all about flexibility. For this reason, we have created three different concepts with the same aim: to give you a language boost. Take a look at the concepts below and find the course that suits you the best.  



Morning, evening or daytime? SweTeach offers an intense course for all schedules. 

Incl. VAT 3499:-   

Kickstart Day

Kickstart Day is offered at three different levels: beginner, next level and advanced. The course includes 15 hourly lessons divided into five themes. Lessons take place daytime between 9.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00.  

Incl. VAT                             2999:-

Kickstart Evening

Kickstart Evening is a more compact version of the day package. The course includes 10 lesson hours divided into five themes. The lessons take place between 17.00 and 19.00 and are offered at two levels: beginner level and next level.

Incl. VAT                             599:-

Kickstart Morning

Start your mornings with a language boost! Kickstart Morning is a special concept focused on everyday conversation. The course consists of 5 speaking sessions of 1 hour each. A light breakfast is included at every session!

All courses include free access to coffee and tea and a diploma of participation. With Kickstart Day and Kickstart Evening, you also get a personal evaluation of your language progress at the end of the course.

The courses start on three different dates: 12/8, 19/8 and 26/8. In connection with the self-assessment, you will have an opportunity to fill out your availability.


Sign up for Kickstart Day or Kickstart Evening and participate in Kickstart Morning for only 399:- incl. VAT

  • GREAT LOCATION - all of our courses take place at World Trade Center Göteborg at Mässans gata 10. Situated next to Korsvägen it is easy to access from everywhere in the city.
  • USABLE KNOWLEDGE- small study groups encourage an interactive environment. We believe that language learning is more than studying grammar. We learn for life, not to pass a test.
  • PRICEWORTHY - education is an investment for life. SweTeach offers a professional but personal learning experience to a reasonable price.


Register by using the form below. Do not forget to specify which course/s you are interested in.


A self-assessment form will be sent to the email specified in your registration. In connection with the self-assessment, you have the opportunity to fill out your preferences regarding course dates and content.


On being assigned to a group, you will receive a confirmation email. An invoice will be sent in connection with the start of the course.

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We look forward to meet you this summer! 


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